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31 XE3 quick videos in 31 days - Oct4 - Capturing Audio/Video in Windows and Mac Apps

This RAD Studio XE3 quick video shows you how to capture audio and video in developing your Windows and Mac applications using the FireMonkey 2 (FM2). You will learn how to use the new FireMonkey 2 TVideoCaptureDevice and TAudioCaptureDevice classes and add audio and video capture for your Windows and Mac applications. FM2’s TCaptureDeviceManager class [...]

Listing the audio and video capture devices using FireMonkey 2

RAD Studio XE3 includes new classes for identifying, managing and using the audio and video capture devices that are available on your target Windows and Mac computers.  In a previous blog post I showed you how write code that captures audio in a FireMonkey 2 Windows and Mac application.  In this blog post I show [...]

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