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David I - Head is in the cloud, feet planted firmly in the ground

Back in December I had fun conversation with John K. Waters (Application Development Trends editor-at-large).  The discussion focused on development issues facing software engineers who are moving their applications to cloud computing architectures.  Originally I thought that John was going to write an overview article quoting several industry friends.  He ended up writing a wonderful (if I say so myself) piece, "David [...]

Developer Christmas Countdown - December 13 - T minus 12 days

December 13 - Cloud Computing Development Questions, End of Year Reminders
12 Days until Christmas.  18 days until the New Year’s Eve.  Decorations have gone up here in our Scotts Valley Office.  On Wednesday and Thursday I will transform myself into Santa Claus for our parties at our two main California offices.  I am having a [...]

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