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The year in review (2013) and the year ahead (2014)

Happy New Year! Last year we delivered more new platform, language, component and library support than we ever had before. We had our largest CodeRage Delphi conference ever. We visited more cities and developers than ever before. The momentum continues into 2014 with more platforms, more technology and more improvements in our Delphi, C++Builder, RAD [...]

Webinar Resources - Step Up to the Multi-Device App Platform

Last week, on December 12, I presented 3 webinars titled "RAD in Action - Step Up to the Multi-Device App Platform". The webinar replay and resources will be available soon. The on-demand webinar information should appear on the same link as the original registration page at  The RAD-in-Action page will appear soon on the list of [...]

CodeRage Mobile Technical Session Replays are now on YouTube

I have recorded, edited, rendered and uploaded the CodeRage Mobile technical sessions.  You can watch the sessions on YouTube.  I will also be uploading the MP4 files to CodeCentral in the next day or two.  All of the links for "watch" and "download" will appear on the CodeRage Mobile Sessions page at
CodeRage Mobile YouTube Playlist: [...]

C++ in the Multi-Device Enterprise

In every conversation, social network post and industry article, you hear about the need for multi-device support inside an Enterprise. Terms like BYOD appear in most articles and Enterprise strategies. Computing in a modern Enterprise is not only a Microsoft Windows world. Enterprise organizations need to support a wide array of devices that their employees [...]

Webinar: March 26 - C++ in the Multi-Device Enterprise

Join me, David I, on March 26, 2013 for my webinars (3 times during the day) showcasing how C++ can be used in the multi-device enterprise.
In every conversation, social network post and industry article, you hear about the need for multi-device support inside an Enterprise. Terms like BYOD appear in most articles and Enterprise [...]

CodeRage 7 Delphi conference sessions are ready to watch and download

All of the CodeRage 7 Delphi Conference replay videos (with live Q&A appended at the end) have been edited, rendered as MP4 files and uploaded to CodeCentral and also uploaded to Embarcadero YouTube Channel CodeRage 7 Playlist).  CodeRage 7 sessions included coverage of Delphi XE3, HTML5 Builder, Embarcadero Prism, and RAD Studio XE3 product features [...]

Getting Started with Windows and Mac Development - last lesson (Lesson 9) is tomorrow, Thursday, June 28th

Thursday, June 28 is the last lesson for my "Getting Started with Windows and Mac Development" - Lesson 9: Building Multi-Client, Multi-Platform, Multi-Tier Applications. It’s been a great experience putting these lessons and webinars together to help you get started using RAD Studio, Delphi, C++ and FireMonkey.
I hope to do additional lessons during the summer after [...]

Mac Development for Windows Developers - URLs used

Thank you to all the developers who joined us today for the  technical workshop, "Mac Development for Windows Developers from a single codebase". The workshop covered Mac development for Windows developers using RAD Studio XE2, Delphi XE2 and C++Builder XE2. The complete slide deck, resources, demos and replay video will appear within the [...]

Want more…Sugar

Julie Andrews, as Mary Poppins, sang "Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down." The "Spoonful of Sugar" song starts "In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and snap the job’s a game".  When I am programming, I am having fun.  Yes, it [...]

David I is heading down under to Australia March 21-25

I will be in Australia for the ADUG Autumn Symposium 2011 in Melbourne and Sydney.  It will be wonderful to be among the fanatical Australia Delphi User Group attendees once again.  You’ll find the details about my presentation below.  I hope to see all my Delphi friends in Melbourne and Sydney.  See you down under!

Title: Delphi and the [...]

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