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Delphi Developer Days 2014 Tour Featuring Bob Swart and Cary Jensen

Register now for two days of intense Delphi sessions. Hear about Android and iOS mobile development, exploring platforms for cross-platform development, FireDAC and database connectivity and advanced techniques, object-oriented programming and component design, data-awareness in FireMonkey applications, REST and SOAP, and much more. Register early and get a discounted price.
Dates and Cities

May 5-6 2014 - [...]

Bob Swart’s Delphi XE5 courseware for sale….

I hear from Delphi developers that they need more information, books, courses and help. Bob Swart, one of our great global Delphi experts, has his Delphi XE5 courseware for sale. These are the same course materials that Bob uses in his Delphi training courses.
Bob’s courseware home page -
Delphi XE5 courseware (PDF format):

Delphi XE5 Development Essentials
Delphi [...]

CodeRage 7 Delphi conference sessions are ready to watch and download

All of the CodeRage 7 Delphi Conference replay videos (with live Q&A appended at the end) have been edited, rendered as MP4 files and uploaded to CodeCentral and also uploaded to Embarcadero YouTube Channel CodeRage 7 Playlist).  CodeRage 7 sessions included coverage of Delphi XE3, HTML5 Builder, Embarcadero Prism, and RAD Studio XE3 product features [...]

eLearning Series: Getting Started with FireMonkey - begins May 3, 2012

I am preparing a new "Getting Started with FireMonkey" e-Learning Series which starts on Thursday May 3.  There will be new lessons each Thursday during May 3 to June 28, 2012.  The series will have separate lessons for Delphi and C++ developers.
Each week the lessons will start at

Delphi language version at 10:00AM PDT / 1:00PM EDT [...]

CodeRage 6 starts in 12 days - register and join us live online

Our sixth annual CodeRage online virtual conference takes place October 17-21 - that’s just 12 days from today.  As always, we will have five days of technical sessions with many of the top development experts from our community and Embarcadero.  We start each morning at 6am Pacific Time (13:00 GMT/UTC, 3pm CET) and continue throughout [...]

Developer Christmas Countdown - December 22 - T minus 3 days

December 22 - 3 days until Christmas.  I can almost hear the reindeer on my roof.
I am out of the office, now, until after the first of the year.  But, that doesn’t mean that I am off the computer, off email or off my blog.  No matter where I am in the world, I can [...]

Developer Christmas Countdown - December 20 - T minus 5 days

Monday, Decembeer 20 - the last of the weekdays before Christmas - Helping others with our skills, the Lunar Eclipse, Developer Solutions Conference 2011 and our year-end promotions
This past weekend we put up our tree at home.  Christmas carols are playing on the Comcast "Songs of the Season" channel.  The weather has been stormy and [...]

Developer Christmas Countdown - December 15 - T minus 10 days

December 15 - Ten days to go!  Computer Science Education Week, SigCSE 2011, Grace Hopper Women in Computer Science
Computer Science Education Week took place December 5-11.  The week is focused on spreading the message that computer science is vital to a successful education no matter what  career or industry you take part in.  Computers are [...]

Developer Christmas Countdown - December 14 - T minus 11 days

December 14 - Developer Christmas Gifts, Developer Solutions Conference Las Vegas Feb 8-10
Have you done all your Christmas shopping? We’ve now passed three cyber Mondays since the traditional Thanksgiving start of the Christmas season here in the US. There still is time to buy gifts for your developer friends and family. Might I suggest a [...]

Developer Christmas Countdown - December 7 - T minus 18 days

December 7: Delphi developers needed in Plano Texas, 2011 conferences save the dates
It’s not too early to get ready for 2011. Embarcadero is involved with several conferences and intensive training sessions planned for 2011. It’s time to start filling in your 2011 calendar and save the dates for these upcoming events:
Delphi Developers needed in Plano [...]

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