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The ACM A.M. Turing Award - my thoughts for next year’s selection

On June 15 and 16 of 2012 we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of Alan Turing (June 23, 1912) in San Francisco ( with 33 living ACM A.M. Turing Award winners!  It was especially great to see Nicklaus Wirth on the "Programming Languages: Past Achievements and Future Challenges" panel along with Susan Graham, [...]

CodeRage 6 Call for Papers is now open!

We’ve been working on CodeRage 6 planning since the Spring. Now we’ve set the CodeRage 6 date and the call for papers is now open. This will be our sixth annual online conference with exciting and helpful content offered specifically for software developers. CodeRage 6 will take place online during the week [...]

Want more…Quality

If you live in the United States, you have been witnessing the struggles between President Obama (a Democrat), the House of Representatives (controlled by the Republican Party), the Senate (controlled by the Democratic Party).  Compromise is often key to getting things done in politics, but we must never sacrifice the quality of life of our [...]

Want more…Love

I am up in Hood River Oregon today for the wedding of Martha’s niece.  It is a glorius day with plenty of sunshine and no clouds in sight.  During the day, we drove up to Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood.  There was plenty of snow still on the mountain and people were skiing and snow boarding on the [...]

Want more…Mountains

"Ain’t no mountain high enough. Ain’t no valley low enough. Ain’t no river wide enough. To keep me from getting to you." The lyrics, from the song written by Ashford and Simpson, keep telling me that there is nothing that can stop advance of computer software, developer tools, and operating platforms.
"Climb Every Mountain", the song in [...]

Want more…Power

I went to visit Mount St. Helens yesterday. Unfortunately, it was raining and we couldn’t see the volcano.  We stopped at the Johnston Ridge Observatory (JRO), named for David A. Johnston.  Johnston was a USGS volcanologist who was on duty at the ridge the day Mount St. Helens exploded on May 18, 1980.  "Vancouver! Vancouver! This [...]

David I’s 60th birthday fund raising challenge - send Cal Poly CS/SW Women to Grace Hopper Conference

Today is my 60th birthday.  My beautiful wife Martha and I are also celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary today (yes, I got married on my 30th birthday).  This Saturday (June 18) will be my 26th year since starting at Borland International in 1985.
As part of my birthday and anniversary celebrations, I am issuing a fund [...]

Developer Christmas Countdown - December 16 - T minus 9 days

December 16 - 9 more days until it’s Christmas!
We are now in the single digits countdown to Christmas Day.  You still have plenty of time to get your shopping done (especially if you do it online -perhaps using one of our Embarcadero Shop Sites), fill those stockings with stuffers and send out those holiday eCards, eMails and even [...]

What makes a good (tech) book read?

Michael Swaine, of Dr. Dobb’s Journal Swaine’s Flames fame (say that fast 10 times), recently blogged with a list of the most commonly mentioned top technical books - "What Makes a (Tech) Book a Classic?".  he also goes on to discuss what makes a technical book a good read.  In one of my past Sip from [...]

What developers think…

In today’s Dr. Dobbs Update (delieverd to your email box if you request it), Jon Erickson (DDJ editor) mentiones an article with the summary results of a survey DDJ did in cooperation with Forrester Research. The survey was created to understand how tools and technologies are affecting developers.
In the article, What Developers Think, written by Jeffrey Hammond, Research [...]

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