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Apple CarPlay - can’t wait to try Delphi and C++Builder iOS apps

Apple announced CarPlay at the Geneva International Motor Show today starting with partnerships for Volvo, Mercedes and Ferrari (more auto partners to come) to bring the iPhone experience to cars. The CarPlay press release said that CarPlay will bring a "smarter, safer and more fun way to use iPhone® in the car".
A Fortune Magazine article [...]

C++Builder XE5 3D app for iOS - rotating Earth and Mars

In this blog post we’ll take a quick look at 3D iOS application programming using C++Builder XE5 Update 2. This application will contain two rotating planets - Earth and Mars using TSphere, TTextureMaterialSource and TFloatAnimation components. The rotation will be controlled by a TSwitch and the camera Z axis position will be controlled using a [...]

TMS Software blog: Two lines of code to add QR, UPC, EAN code scanning to your iOS Delphi apps

I love it when I can write fewer lines of code and get something done in my applications. I love it even more if I only have to write one or two lines of user-written code to add major functionality to my applications. Here is a cool blog post by TMS Software showing you how [...]

Location enabling your C++Builder for iOS apps

In this video I show you how to location enable your C++Builder for iOS applications using the TLocationSensor component.  I’ll also show you how to use the resulting latitude and longitude coordinates to display a Google map using the TWebBrowser component. You’ll start by creating a new C++Builder for iOS application and choose the blank [...]

Using Image Effects Filters in your C++Builder for iOS apps

In this video I show you how to work with Image Effect Filters in your iOS apps using C++Builder XE5. The FM Application Platform provides more than 50 image effects and filter effects classes for you to use in your apps. The image effects use the Pixel Shader language and the GPU to work with [...]

Using TabControls, Gestures and Actions in your C++Builder XE5 for iOS apps

This C++ for iOS video shows you how to use TabControls, Gestures and Actions in the UI of your iOS apps using C++Builder XE5. You start by creating a FM Mobile application for C++Builder using the Tabbed mobile project template.

The Tabbed template will create a starting mobile app using a TabControl with 4 tab items. [...]

Building your first C++Builder multi-device application

This video shows you how to build your first multi-device C++Builder application for Windows (32/64), OSX and iOS.  This quick example application uses the TCalendarEdit and TComboBox components and shows how they use the native DatePicker and CustomPicker controls on iOS.  The same code and form is used for all 4 platform targets.
You start by [...]

Coming soon! Develop iOS apps with C++Builder

C++Builder for iOS is coming soon (expected December 2013). Very soon, you will be able to create iOS apps with C++Builder! Get started with the latest version of C++Builder or RAD Studio today to benefit from the fastest, visual, multi-device app development solution for Windows and OS X, and be one of the first to [...]

Delphi XE5 iOS and Android media file formats supported

Delphi XE5 and FM support multiple media file formats for all of the platforms we target (Windows, OSX, iOS and Android).  Looking at the FM source code you will find the multimedia components involved (TMediaPlayer, TMediaPlayerControl) and the formats supported for each platform.  For those of you who have the run-time library source code (Professional [...]

Anatomy of a Camera App for iOS and Android

I’ve been watching some other blog posts about building Smartphone camera apps for Android, seeing all of the UI design work required and the lines of code needed.  While I always want to learn more about Smartphone APIs for Android and iOS, I also care a lot about getting applications built quickly with as few [...]

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