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Celebrating 29 years playing with developer tools here in Scotts Valley

Today (June 17, 2014) marks 29 years working here in Scotts Valley with our developer tools. Philippe Kahn hired me and I started working for Borland International on this day in 1985. I continue to have tons of fun learning about programming, software architectures, tool chains, frameworks, devices, APIs and more. I wrote a blog [...]

Catching up on more reading - 2014 developer New Year’s resolutions

I was catching up with postings on the various developer newsgroups, community sites, Google + (Delphi and C++Builder) and other developer blogs and came up with several fun links talking about New Year’s resolutions for 2014. As part of my own resolutions for the year, I am trying to blog about developer topics, programming, coding [...]

Merry Christmas from David I

December 25, 2013 - Merry Christmas to everyone.  I hope you are all having a great day today. Thank you to all the developers who I have visited with, met with, spoken on the phone and Skype with, emailed, had lunch with, demoed to, spent time during CodeRage and took part in our webinars. You [...]

24 Hours of Delphi - Tuesday, December 20 - current session schedule

The following is the current agenda/schedule for the 24 Hours of Delphi that takes place next Tuesday, December 20 from 12:00am PST (08:00 GMT) and ends December 21 at 12:00am PST.  During the 24 hours we will have special guests, live presentations and demonstrations, live Q&A, and additional sessions from CodeRage 6 and our recent [...]

Want more…Magic

Programming is magic.  Developers are pulling software rabbits out of their hats every day. At the same time, what we do is also very real to our users.  When my daughters were young they played Magic the Gathering card game by Wizards of the Coast.  I would buy the card packs and individual cards for [...]

Want more…Creativity

I’ve always thought that software design and programming is a very creative process.  Developers create something from nothing using their mind, hands, hardware, and development tools.  I love that we can create software anywhere.  I can be sitting at my notebook computer on the beach, in a coffee shop, at home, at work, in an [...]

Want more…Games

Do you like games?  What type of games?  There are many types of games: computer games, board games, football games, Olympic games, basketball games, or the game of life?  I would answer that I like all sorts of games.  In computer games, you love great stories, great action, and great high definition graphics. Performance is [...]

Want more…Love

I am up in Hood River Oregon today for the wedding of Martha’s niece.  It is a glorius day with plenty of sunshine and no clouds in sight.  During the day, we drove up to Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood.  There was plenty of snow still on the mountain and people were skiing and snow boarding on the [...]

Want more…Mountains

"Ain’t no mountain high enough. Ain’t no valley low enough. Ain’t no river wide enough. To keep me from getting to you." The lyrics, from the song written by Ashford and Simpson, keep telling me that there is nothing that can stop advance of computer software, developer tools, and operating platforms.
"Climb Every Mountain", the song in [...]

Want more…Fun

For me, programming is fun.  It’s pure joy for me to create programs from nothing.  Even though our jobs are also work, there is also a lot of joy and fun in everything software engineers do.  For Embarcadero Technologies development is also serious business.  One of Embarcadero Technologies R&D’s principles of a winning engineering culture [...]

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