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C++ language - the beat goes on…

We now have 3 approved ISO C++ standards: C++98 (ISO/IEC 14882:1998), C++03 (ISO/IEC 14882:2003) and C++11 (ISO/IEC 13882:2011).  The latest C++ standard is affectionately called "Modern C++" by Bjarne Stroustrup.  The ISO C++ committee had their most recent meeting in Bristol UK in the middle of April.  The committee is working on future releases of [...]

Jim McKeeth, world renowned Delphi expert, joins Embarcadero Technologies

In his new position as Developer Relations Lead Evangelist/Engineer, Jim will be a key part of Embarcadero’s evangelism team and developer community outreach.  Jim will write about application development, visit with developers, create videos, and participate in online and live events.
Jim will lead and grow Embarcadero’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program which already has more [...]

Developer Direct Q2-2013 US/Canada Episode 6 "On-Device Rapid Prototyping" - now on YouTube

Learn how you can use Embarcadero RAD Studio and Delphi to rapidly create real app prototypes with live data or prototype data and deploy to actual target devices (PC, phone, tablet) running iOS, Windows and Mac OS X. This is a recording of the May 24, 2013 edition of the Embarcadero Developer Direct online [...]

Embarcadero’s continuing commitment to C, C99 and C++

With the upcoming release of our new C++Builder compiler for 64-bit Windows (will have C++11 standard support), Embarcadero Technologies continues our commitment for the C, C99 and C++ languages that started on May 13, 1987 with the first release of Turbo C version 1.0.  The C++Builder 64-bit Windows compiler is coming soon.
For the past 25+ [...]

FireMonkey, RAD Studio XE2, Delphi XE2, C++Builder XE2, RadPHP XE2 and Prism XE2 information

Developers have been asking for additional information about our new XE2 developer products and FireMonkey.  Here are some great links to FireMonkey, RAD Studio XE2, Delphi XE2, C++Builder XE2, RadPHP XE2, and Embarcadero Prism XE2 information.  Each article contains an overview and links to each Data Sheet, Feature Matrix, What’s New, FAQ, Trial Download, and [...]

Want more…SledgeHammers

Fifty years ago, today, the Berlin Wall was built, separating the city into two parts.  I’ve been to the beautiful city of Berlin several times.  I was in Munich when the wall was torn down, visited Berlin when the new German government center was just a hole in the ground (with pumps draining the water [...]

Want more…RAD Studio XE2

Thirty-one posts in the thirty-one days in July.  Each day a new word for the "Want more…" series.  All of the words, all of the posts, all of the links and all of the hints all leading up to tonight.  You asked what it was all about.  You posted comments and sent me emails asking [...]

Want more…Exploration

The Space Shuttle Atlantis landed this morning on Runway 15 at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida at 5:57am EDT.  The landing marked the end of 30 years of the Space Shuttle program.  I want more explorations both robotic and manned spacecraft.  In Star Trek we were told over and over again "To boldly [...]

Want more…Knowledge

I am in the constant search for knowledge of all kinds. While I continue my search in the areas of software engineering and computer programming, I also explore other areas where software might be used.  In my undergraduate studies at Cal Poly Computer Science (1969-1973) I took a range of non-computer science courses as part [...]

Webinar(s): Tuesday, June 21 (tomorrow) - learn about the new Delphi certification program

Tomorrow, Tuesday June 21, Andreano Lanusse will give three webinars telling you about Embarcadero Technologies‘ new Delphi Certification program. Certification exams are now available for Delphi developers. Embarcadero’s Delphi Certification Program offers two levels: Delphi Certified Developer and Delphi Certified Master Developer.
“This certification program is designed to identify Delphi experts around the world. The [...]

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