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Jens Fudge’s two passions come together using App Tethering

Jens Fudge, Delphi developer in Denmark, sent me a link to his latest blog post. The post starts out with "I have two passions. I really love archery and I really love programming." How can you not continue reading? Jens then talks about using XE6 to create a FireMonkey app that runs on Windows and OSX to track the time that archers have to shoot all of their arrows. Then his post gets even more exciting! "But the coolest change I made to this not very advanced software was adding a remote controle running on my mobile device." Jens uses XE6’s App Tethering components, TTetheringManager and TTetheringProfile, to create a remote control for his app using a Smartphone.

Read the complete blog post at

I also blogged earlier this year showing you how to find all of the tethered applications, "Finding your Tethered Apps" on your subnet. You can find that blog post at

Thanks for the great post, Jens!

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