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Delphi Developer Days 2014 Tour Featuring Bob Swart and Cary Jensen

Register now for two days of intense Delphi sessions. Hear about Android and iOS mobile development, exploring platforms for cross-platform development, FireDAC and database connectivity and advanced techniques, object-oriented programming and component design, data-awareness in FireMonkey applications, REST and SOAP, and much more. Register early and get a discounted price.

Dates and Cities

  • May 5-6 2014 - Washington, D.C. / Baltimore, MD
  • May 8-9 2014 - Chicago, IL
  • May 26-27, 2014 - Frankfurt, Germany
  • June 12-13, 2014 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • June 18-19, 2014 - London, United Kingdom

Learn more about Delphi Developer Days here..

Free evening community event at the US stops with Jim McKeeth

Plus, join Embarcadero for a free evening community event during Delphi Developer Days.

Find out more and RSVP to attend!

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