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Evans Data Developer Relations Conference 2014 - developer demographics

I am attending and presenting at the 2014 Evans Data Developer Relations Conference here in Santa Clara. This is a great conference for any company that has or is trying to build a developer program around their products, services and more. In her opening keynote, Janel Garvin, CEO and Founder of Evans Data, talked about the changing landscape of software development, developer programs and the global professional developer community. Here are a few summary factoids that she included in her presentation.

  • There are more than 19 million professional developers worldwide.
  • The Top 5 countries by professional developer population: US, India, China, Russia, Japan
  • India will pass USA in 2017 for largest population of professional developers.
  • Age: APAC median age is 34, EMEA = 39, North America = 36.
  • Pros also moonlight building mobile apps.
  • Developer’s primary host operating system is still Windows
  • Top 3 programming languages used 3: Java, C/C++ and C#.
  • >60% of developers use scripting languages some of the time. JavaScript is the leading choice
  • Mobile App Dev – 52% of developers are presently developing mobile apps. Most in APAC, then North America, then EMEA.

There are many cool development and services companies attending and presenting this year. You can see the complete line up at

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