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Google Glass for the Delphi developer spectacle wearers like me :)

Google has announced availability of Google Glass frames for prescription glass wearers like me. They will also have sunglasses for those who want cool shades. Four prescription frames, , called the "Titanium collection", are available today for $225 each minus lenses ($150 for sunglasses). My VSP vision program will also pay for some of the costs of my prescription lensed Glass :) I can’t wait to update some of my Delphi XE5 Google Glass apps.

Here are some of the recent Google Glass news links:

Where to buy the new Google Glass frames

Google Glass Explorer members can go to the Glass Accessories site to purchase a frame. From the Glass FAQ:

"A Glass Explorer can select & purchase Glass frames that can accommodate prescription lenses in the accessories section of the Glass website. We have partnered with VSP (Vision Service Plan) to train Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) across the US on Glass and the prescription frames. Explorers can see the list of our Preferred ECPs during the ordering process (Explorers can however take your Glass frames to another ECP, not on this list, but the ones on the list have been trained on how to measure for, fit and use Glass). Once an Explorer receives Glass either at a Basecamp or in the mail, he/she then take the device to an ECP who can cut and fit the prescription lenses for Glass."

Google Glass Frames:

Delphi XE5 programming with Google Glass

Jim McKeeth and I have blog posts and videos showing you how to use Delphi XE5 with Google Glass.

Last week we presented our "Making the Connection: Programming Devices and Gadgets with RAD Studio" webinar. You will find the replay links for the demos and webinar on the RAD in Action landing page at

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  1. Thomas Mueller | January 30, 2014 at 8:03 am | Permalink

    So that’s $225 + lenses on top of whatever Glass will cost when it finally becomes available to the general public. That’s not quite a bargain…

  2. David Intersimone | January 31, 2014 at 9:40 am | Permalink

    I am not always looking for low cost devices and gadgets and I don’t mind paying a premium to get onto some of these technologies. I do expect that as mass production starts and competition heats up - then Google Glass and other wearables will come way down in price.

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