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Chris Rolliston blog posts - Loading the app’s icon into a TImage (Windows/Android)

Chris Rolliston, Embarcadero MVP and author of the book "Delphi XE2 Foundations" recently wrote two blog posts with source code showing you how to load your application’s ICON into an FMX TImage component forAndroid and Windows. The code contains an "AppIconLoader" that you can use in your Delphi projects. You can find the two posts at:

  • Loading the app’s icon into a TImage on Android -
  • Loading the app’s icon into a TImage on Windows -

The Android version uses FireMonkey, the Windows version leverages the VCL.Graphics unit to access the application’s ICON Windows resource. Chris said he decided to use this unit "since Vcl.Graphics.pas doesn’t bring in anything else of the VCL".

Thanks Chris!

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