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C++Builder and Unicode

It has been some time since we added Unicode support in C++Builder 2009. I still see some C++ developers who are asking questions about Unicode support, especially for those who are migrating older C++Builder projects to the latest release of C++Builder XE5 update 2. Seeing some "new" questions on our forums and on Stack Overflow, told me that it is time to collect some of the Unicode documentation and article links into a blog post. Below you will find some information that will help you build global applications using C++ and Unicode.

The Unicode Consortium

Unicode in C++11

Unicode in C++Builder

To get you started with Unicode, our Embarcadero DocWiki has several links to help you.

Additional Unicode Migration Resources

Unicode Ready Since 2008

C++Builder has been Unicode ready since C++Builder 2009. Move forward into the Unicode and global app world with C++Builder.

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