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Articles and Blogs by Delphi developers working with Android APIs

Delphi XE5’s support for Android lets you access a range of Android APIs using FM, RTL and components. The R&D team is continuing their work to wrap more APIs over time (Android isn’t sitting still) to give you easy access to Delphi interfaces and components. One of the great things about our Delphi community is that other members also are helping everyone with additional information and interfaces for APIs that we haven’t wrapped yet. Here are a few of the articles that I’ve found over the past few months that have helped me and I’m sure will help you build great Delphi Android apps fast.

By Red Titan Technology/Paul Foster:

By Brian Long:

By Daniele Teti:

By Marco Cantu:

A Splash Screen for Delphi on Android -

By Jim McKeeth:

By Jeff Overcash (via Embarcadero newsgroup post and David I blog post):

From Stack Overflow:

If you have cool Delphi/Android developer links, post them in the comments section!

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