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Android Bluetooth SPP / RS232 with Delphi XE5 YouTube video and examples

I found this great Delphi XE5 Android Bluetooth YouTube video, by Björn Hansen, from back in September last year after the launch of Delphi XE5. it shows you how to use Delphi to create an Android app that uses Bluetooth to connect to a lighting control system. The developer includes the source code for the example that also includes a Android Bluetooth Delphi interface unit version of the Android Bluetooth Java API. You can download the zip file from (this link comes from the page the is linked from the video.

A note in the source code for the unit Androidapi.INI.BluetoothAdapter.pas says:

    // (c) RedTitan Technology 2013
    // JNI BLUETOOTH v.1.0

Brian Long also covered Delphi programming using the Android and iOS APIs during his CodeRage 8 Delphi Conference sessions.  His blog post has additional information including his examples for his sessions at

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  1. Alp YILMAZ | June 23, 2014 at 11:14 am | Permalink

    I Run Programs at Delphi XE5
    but Delphi Xe6 Program Not Responding shape An Error Message I get.

    Delphi is not running in android.bluetooh XE6.


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