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iOS and Android 3rd party component sets for Delphi XE5

With Delphi XE5 we provide support for iOS and Android using the FM application platform and styles for iOS (6&7) and Android look and feel in all resolutions. For some controls we also use a few mobile platform specific native components including: TCalendarEdit (uses native date pickers), TTimeEdit (uses native time pickers) and TComboBox (uses custom picker). The benefits of using these FM components is you can use the same code and components for all 4 platforms that Delphi XE5 supports - Windows, OSX, iOS and Android. There are some developers who want to use more native controls and APIs on each mobile platform. Delphi’s FM and component architecture allows you to create custom components that can integrate with the controls and APIs if you want to write platform specific code into your apps.

Two solutions (one commercial and one open source) are available for iOS and Android for those developers that want to write platform specific code and still use component based development:  TMS Software’s iCL component pack for FireMonkey ( and D.P.F Delphi Android and iOS Native Components (

TMS Software iCL components

Provides components for a range of iOS controls that you can use in your Delphi XE5 FireMonkey Mobile applications for iOS. You can find the full component list at There is also a blog article about the components and how to mix FM and iCL components in your FM mobile application for iOS - I especially liked the paragraph at the end which says "For experienced VCL developers, by far the easiest way to proactively deal with this distinction between FireMonkey framework controls and TMS iCL controls is to think of them as TGraphicControl descendents versus TCustomControl descendents."

D.P.F Delphi Android and iOS Native Components open source projects

D.P.F Delphi Android native components is an open source components package by Babak Yaghoobi of the Dadeh Pardazane Faragir (DPF) Company. The download is available at and The Android components zip file contains the source code for a number of components that wrap Java-based Android control functionality including: Spinner, NumberPicker, Chronometer, ProgressDialog, ProgressBar and more. The iOS components zip file provides support for iOS controls and wrapped frameworks. The Open Source projects use the Apache License version 2.0.

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  1. Ngoko | May 15, 2014 at 12:12 pm | Permalink

    Hello Teams

    Cant we have a wrapper for SIP on Android and iOS?

    Many Thanks in advance.

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