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Using TabControls, Gestures and Actions in your C++Builder XE5 for iOS apps

This C++ for iOS video shows you how to use TabControls, Gestures and Actions in the UI of your iOS apps using C++Builder XE5. You start by creating a FM Mobile application for C++Builder using the Tabbed mobile project template.

The Tabbed template will create a starting mobile app using a TabControl with 4 tab items. Add a TGestureManager and TActionList to the application.  Then I create the UI for each of the TabItems, in my case I just put a TLabel on each of the TabItem’s client area. I create two ActionList items using the TChangeTabAction standard action class, one to select the previous TabItem and one to select the next TabItem. Then I set the TabControl’s Touch property’s GestureManager property. I select the Left Gesture and associate the LeftAction to the left gesture and the RightAction to the right gesture.  Add a little code to handle the changing of the active TabItem for both of the actions.  Finally, I compile and run the C++Builder application on my iPhone 4S.

Here is the code inside the main unit for the Form’s OnCreate event handler (this code is generated by the Tabbed project template:

void __fastcall TTabbedForm::FormCreate(TObject *Sender)
	// Make sure that the first tab item is the active tab on startup
	TabControl1->ActiveTab = TabItem1;

Here is the code for the event handlers for my Left Action/Gesture and my Right Action/Gesture:

void __fastcall TTabbedForm::ChangeTabActionLeftUpdate(TObject *Sender)
  // Left Gesture - Tab Slide Left unless at the first tab
  if (TabControl1->TabIndex > 0) {
	ChangeTabActionLeft->Tab = TabControl1->Tabs[TabControl1->TabIndex-1];
  else {
	ChangeTabActionLeft->Tab = nil;

void __fastcall TTabbedForm::ChangeTabActionRightUpdate(TObject *Sender)
  // Right Gesture - Tab Slide Right unless at the last tab
  if (TabControl1->TabIndex < TabControl1->TabCount-1) {
	 ChangeTabActionRight->Tab = TabControl1->Tabs[TabControl1->TabIndex+1];
  else {
	 ChangeTabActionRight->Tab = nil;

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