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Developer Direct Q2-2013 US/Canada Episode 6 "On-Device Rapid Prototyping" - now on YouTube

Learn how you can use Embarcadero RAD Studio and Delphi to rapidly create real app prototypes with live data or prototype data and deploy to actual target devices (PC, phone, tablet) running iOS, Windows and Mac OS X. This is a recording of the May 24, 2013 edition of the Embarcadero Developer Direct online session (US and Canada edition) - "On-Device Rapid Prototyping".

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Join the team of Embarcadero development and industry experts for relaxed and fun demo and discussion sessions covering Delphi, RAD Studio, C++Builder, InterBase and more. Raise your questions and interact live with both presenters and attendees as each week a new theme gives focus and direction to solve the every day challenges that professional software developers face.

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