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31 XE3 quick videos in 31 days - Oct28 - new Platform Services capabilities for FireMonkey 2 multi-platform apps

To better support multi-platform, device and services, RAD Studio XE3 and FireMonkey 2 includes the new TPlatformServices architecture, based on interfaces.  You can use the Supports PlatformService function in your Delphi and C++ Windows and Mac OS X applications and take advantage of platform services that are available at runtime.  The TPlatformServices class also provides add and remove services functions so that you can create your own custom services for special platforms.  The Platform Service support also paves the way for future releases of FireMonkey an iOS, Android and other platforms as described in the RAD Studio Mobile Roadmap article on EDN at  This quick video includes two demo applications:  1) displays the platform services available on a Windows and Mac OS X notebook, and 2) how to use the IFMXVirtualKeyboard platform service in an application.

The platform services interfaces that are currently defined in FireMonkey 2 include:

Service Interface Service Name Unit Scope
IFMXApplicationService Application Service FMX.Platform
IFMXWindowService Window Service FMX.Forms
IFMXWindowBorderService Window Border Service FMX.Forms
IFMXTimerService Timer Service FMX.Types
IFMXDialogService Dialog Service FMX.Platform
IFMXCanvasService Canvas Service FMX.Platform
IFMXContextService Context Service FMX.Platform
IFMXMenuService Menu Service FMX.Menus
IFMXLocaleService Locale Service FMX.Platform
IFMXClipboardService Clipboard Service FMX.Platform
IFMXCursorService Cursor Service FMX.Platform
IFMXDeviceService Device Service FMX.Platform
IFMXDragDropService Drag and Drop Service FMX.Platform
IFMXHideAppService Hide App Service FMX.Platform
IFMXMouseService Mouse Service FMX.Platform
IFMXScreenService Screen Service FMX.Platform
IFMXStyleService Style Service FMX.Platform
IFMXStyleHiResService Style HiRes Service FMX.Platform
IFMXSystemFontService System Font Service FMX.Platform
IFMXTextService Text Service FMX.Platform
IFMXVirtualKeyboardService Virtual Keyboard Service FMX.Platform

Additional information about the new Platform Services architecture is available on the Embarcadero DocWiki using the following URLs:

October 28 - Using the new TPlatformServices capabilities in your FireMonkey 2 multi-platform applications


Watch on YouTube:

Duration: 5 minutes and 45 seconds

Size: 46.4mb

Format: MP4

Thank you Viacheslav and Darren, team members in Russia and Scotts Valley, for your help showing me how to use the new TPlatformServices in FM2.

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