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31 XE3 quick videos in 31 days - Oct24 - Building a FM2 OSX App and Submit it to the Mac Store

RAD Studio XE3 now allows you to create a Delphi and C++Builder FireMonkey 2 application for OS X and submit it to the Apple Macintosh App Store. You build your application in the RAD Studio IDE, add an OS X target platform node. You debug your application and when you are ready you can select the App Store node in the Target Platform Tree. After setting your Mac Developer Profile project option, you use the Project | Deploy menu and the IDE will communicate to your Mac, via the Platform Assistant Server, to Code Sign your application and build a Package (PKG) file. This quick video shows you how to use the IDE to Build, Sandbox, Code Sign, Prepare and Submit your App to the Apple Mac App Store.

You can find additional information about creating and submitting Delphi and C++Builder FireMonkey 2 applications to the Apple Mac App Store on the Embarcadero DocWiki and Apple Developer site using the following URLs:

October 24 - Building a FireMonkey 2 OSX Application and Submitting it to the Apple Mac App Store


Watch on YouTube:

Duration: 6 minutes and 38 seconds

Size: 42.4mb

Format: MP4

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