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31 XE3 quick videos in 31 days - Oct19 - Product Version Info Options for Windows and Mac Apps

The RAD Studio XE3 Project Options Version Info page now has three Build Options. You use this dialog box to specify version information for your Delphi and C++ Windows and Mac applications. When version information is included, a user can right-click the program icon and select properties to display the version information. To add version information, set the “Include version information in the project” check box. This short video shows you how to use the Version Info dialog to add build information to your Windows and Mac applications.

The Build Number Options are:

  • Auto generate build number generates the Release and Build number for you, and increments the numbers each time you select Project > Build. Note: Auto generate build number might require you to set the environment variable (SAVEVRC=TRUE). Go to Tools > Options > Environment Options > Environment Variables and add a new User variable called SAVEVRC with Value=TRUE. This variable enables the generation of a .vrc file with an auto generated build number and other information. This information is compiled and added to the .res file. If you right-click the executable file, you will see the generated build number.
  • Auto increment build number increments the build number each time the Project > Build menu is selected. Other compilations do not change the build number.
  • Do not change the build number preserves the existing build number.

In the Key/Value list box you can set typical product identification properties. Key entries can be edited by selecting the key and reentering the name. To add key entries, right-click within the Key/Value table and select Add Key. To enter or change the value for a key, simply type in the Value field. For a Mac OS X application, this box displays the key and value pairs in your project’s Info.plist (property list) file (XML). For a FireMonkey Retina style to display correctly on Mac devices, set the following key: "NSHighResolutionCapable = true".

Additional information is available on the Embarcadero DocWiki at:

October 19 - Product Version Info Options for Windows and Mac Apps


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  1. John | October 19, 2012 at 11:42 pm | Permalink

    This is funny. what you show in this video was a bug in Delphi XE2, Embarcadero never fix and now you guys promote this as a XE3 feature?

    David I you and this company are not serious, XE2 is my last version, from now I only use Visual Studio and XCode

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