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31 XE3 quick videos in 31 days - Oct10 - Adding Gestures to your Windows and Mac Apps

In RAD Studio XE3 you can now use gestures in your Windows and Mac applications using FireMonkey 2. This short video shows you how to create Delphi and C++Builder Windows and Mac applications that use gestures. On Windows you can use a mouse and touch devices. On Mac OS X you use the two finger gesture support on the built-in touch pad or an external track pad.

For additional information about using Gestures in your FireMonkey Windows and Mac applications, read the article on the Embarcadero DocWiki at  First you add the TGestureManager component to your application and associate it with UI controls on your forms.  Next you use the Object Inspector to select the standard and interactive gestures you want to use for your application. Finally you create the OnGesture event handler to connect your application logic to the gestures that are found.

October 10 - Adding Gestures to your Windows and Mac Applications


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Duration: 3 minutes and 9 seconds

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