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Ruby scalability?

When I am talking with customers, analysts, and press about Ruby and Rails the inevitable question about scalability comes up.  Last week at the Software Development conference and expo there were many lively discussions in the halls and also the birds of a feather sessions.  Last month I took part in a Japan Ruby Community Panel Discussion at the Shoeisha Developer Summit in Tokyo.  The same question came up several times during that lunchtime panel.

I could give many answers to the scalability queries including - no problem its plenty fast and getting faster all the time, you can always throw more servers into your architecture, and profile your Ruby and Rails applications to find the bottlenecks (often they are found in communication paths, database operations, memory size, processor speed).

I think my best (and simplest answer) is to 1) show a picture (below) taken during my afternoon hotel room meeting with Yukihiro Matsumoto (’Matz’) at the Developer Summit with Ruby running on an Apple iPod touch,

Ruby v1.8.6 running on Apple iTouch 

and 2) provide a link to an IBM research paper showing that Ruby has been ported to the IBM Blue Gene/L.  Ruby has been ported to many other computers and operating systems in between these two computing extremes.

Scalability to the Max - and more to come!

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  1. Eko Subagio | June 6, 2008 at 9:10 pm | Permalink

    hi David,
    You are the most loyal in borland/code gear for your programmer community especially borland/codegear tools.

    Seeing ruby in iPod , makes me WOW….

    great always to see your thought through blog

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