In-App Purchasing update of Analog Clock just submitted!

As soon as the newest update gets approved, you can get rid of the ads… ;)

Stay tuned to hear more about this topic… ;)


6 Responses to “In-App Purchasing update of Analog Clock just submitted!”

  1. Charles Stack Says:

    Looking forward towards reading the "how" on this project.

    What components did you use? 3rd party or roll-your-own?

    Good articles/tutorials on iAd and in-App purchases are highly welcomed. :-)

  2. arnof Says:

    Samlpe Codes ? We need Samlpes …… or a tutorial like the need XE4 iOS Tutorials …..

  3. Loris Luise Says:


    how do you implementeds this?

    I saw this fot iAD a few days ago…

    and now for InApp Purchases, where can we find more info?


  4. olecramoak Says:

    Anders, an important tip: according to iOS guidelines, you must provide a button to restore previous purchases. It is silly, since you will not be billed twice for the same iApp when you request purchase, but Apple says so.

    Already got an update rejected for not having this restore button.

    iApp implementation is not as trivial as it should be.

    Maybe, you could put the remove ads buttons on configure screen, right next to "restore purchases" button.

    Need something like this:

    PaymentDelegate := TPaymentDelegate.Alloc.Init ;
    PaymentQueue := SKPaymentQueue.Alloc.Init ;
    if PaymentQueue.CanMakePayments then
    PaymentQueue.addTransactionObserver ( PaymentDelegate ) ;
    PaymentQueue.restoreCompletedTransactions ;

    And then implement:

    TPaymentDelegate.paymentQueue_updatedTransactions ( queue: SKPaymentQueue ; transactions: NSArray ) ; with SKPaymentTransactionStateRestored

    TPaymentDelegate.paymentQueueRestoreCompletedTransactionsFinished ( queue: SKPaymentQueue ) ;

    TPaymentDelegate.paymentQueue_restoreCompletedTransactionsFailedWithError ( queue: SKPaymentQueue ; error: NSError ) ;

    BTW: iAds are still not displayed in my device, just a blank white panel os bottom of screen.

  5. Anders Ohlsson Says:

    @olecramoak: Just saw this comment. I’ve been working with the 3rd party provider to fix exactly that. My first attempt using their component got rejected because I didn’t have a Restore button, and it turned out it wasn’t implemented in the component. Now I have a Buy button, and a Restore button. I just submitted the update earlier today. On iAd - it seems only a few countries are participating in the iAd program. In the coming update, if ads are failing you won’t see the panel at all. At some point I may add AdMob etc as fall-back when iAd doesn’t fill.

  6. olecramoak Says:

    Ok, let me kmow if you’d like any samples os restorepuechases. Running smooth on my app. BTW, have you installed iOS7 beta yet? Some MAJOR UI changes there…

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