Delphi XE4 FireMonkey app using iAd already approved!

Less than 48 hours from submission to approval is spectacular!

I’m feeling like a kid in a candy story when I get new stuff into the AppStore! :)

Nothing like a little Candy Crush Saga while watching the time fly away as you develope super cool FireMonkey apps for iOS using Delphi XE4!

Anders’ Analog Clock with iAds


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  1. Wouter Says:

    Pretty cool to see that it works, and the animation run smooth, but why does it look all aliased on my ipad?

    Firemonkey looks pretty polished on windows, so is this a configuration issue?

  2. Anders Ohlsson Says:

    What’s aliased? The hands, right? FireMonkey doesn’t do anti-aliasing for things like TRectangle (which is what I use). The Flame hand (a retina bitmap) should look great as well as the default face. The other five faces are actually non-retina bitmaps (I need to fix that at some point)… It’s not a configuration issue. Your screen should look roughly like the screen shot above (click and expand to see it full res).

  3. olecramoak Says:

    Hello Anders!Previous version of analog clock was developed with xe2 right? Is the new version ported to XE4? Amy tios on how to do that (port xe2 iOS Project to XE4)?

  4. olecramoak Says:

    Sorry for the "Amy tios" I meant Amy tios… Surface Spell checo sucks

  5. olecramoak Says:

    Again… oh boy… Amy tios=ANY TIPS

  6. Anders Ohlsson Says:

    The original version was created in XE2, yes. I ported it to XE4 during the beta cycle of XE4. The first XE4 version was approved while XE4 was still in beta. I think I’ve done 2-3 updates after that, the latest one with iAd support.

    Unfortunately I didn’t keep track of the steps it took to port it. I used a few new components on the setup page that weren’t there before. Once I get to porting MathViz for iOS I will try to keep track of the steps.

  7. olecramoak Says:

    Btw, just installed the app on my 4S: no ads are shown, just a blank canvas on screen bottom. Maybe because I’m in Brazil and there are fewer publishers?

  8. olecramoak Says:

    About the aliasing of shapes in FM: there is a workaround posted on forum that works great…

  9. olecramoak Says:

    Options screen looks 100% native. Awesome

  10. Anders Ohlsson Says:

    Not sure why you’re not seeing ads - did you wait a little bit?

    Link to work-around for anti-aliasing would be awesome. Thanks!

  11. olecramoak Says:

    Alias workaround:

  12. Anders Ohlsson Says:

    That looks like a work-around for GDI/Windows for XE2, and it wouldn’t work for XE4 iOS. :(

  13. Olecramoak Says:

    Works on XE3. Shouldn’t also work on XE4?

  14. Anders Ohlsson Says:

    I’m sure it works in XE4 as well, but for GDI/Windows. Not for iOS…

  15. Ricardo Boaro Says:

    Congratulations Ander’s I’ll update my app

  16. Brian Prothero Says:

    Our company has been using Delphi since the beginning. We recently upgraded from Delphi 6 to RAD Studio XE3 to obtain 64-bit support and we have been very pleased with the XE3 version of Delphi XE3. We will be targeting WinRT, Windows Phone, Android and iOS development in the near future. So we are looking at upgrading to XE4 to gain Mac and iOS support. However, we have a few questions before we upgrade.

    Does Delphi XE4 allow us to develop true WinRT applications for the new Windows phone and standard WinRT tablets (without the desktop Windows 8)?

    Will the FireMonkey FM3 iOS native-looking controls be updated to the new iOS7 style by the time the iOS releases this Fall? If so, will it be a free and automatic update?

    I noticed that the load time is very slow compared to iOS apps written in Obj-C using the true native cocoa touch controls. I imagine this is due to the added file size that includes the custom bitmaps for the controls. Is there any way to make the app more responsive, or at least feel more responsive?

    Thanks. -Brian

  17. Anders Ohlsson Says:

    Hi Brian,

    No, we do not do WinRT. At least not yet.

    Yes, we will support iOS 7. I cannot speak to when, since we can’t ship until they release, and their release date is unknown.

    Load time and responsiveness depends a lot on what your app does.


  18. Henrik Jakobsen Says:

    Love your blog !
    Can you post a sample on how to use the in-app purcase
    I can’t find any samples anywhere

  19. Karu Kaarigar Says:

    Hi Anders,

    I have set up iAd as per your app and it gor approved today at the appstore. However, the iAd is not showing up in the approved app. Everything is set up correctly at the appstore along with bank information. When I click Manage iAd Network, it says that the iAd Advertising network is enabled. This means everything is ok. The iAd are showing up properly in the developer and adhoc builds. What could be wring here? This app is free and has no in-app purchase. Will really appreciate your guidance on this. Thank you!

  20. Reza Rahmati Says:


    I am struggling with device orientation, how can I manage iAd position on device rotation?

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