Coming soon: Delphi for iOS

Develop iOS applications with Delphi

Click the link above for many more details!


5 Responses to “Coming soon: Delphi for iOS”

  1. Olecramoak Says:

    Will our apps developed with XE2 Firemonkey be compatible with the specific iOS designer? THIS IS A MAIN MUST-HAVE

  2. Omid Motahed Says:

    Android and iOS are very similar GUI OS. Will the new release include Android option ony ?


  3. Anders Ohlsson Says:

    @Olecramoak: You should join the beta if you haven’t already.

    @Omid: Android is on the roadmap.

  4. Brent Says:

    Do you think the performance will be better than XE 2 Firemonkey iOS? For example, listbox scrolling on an actual iPhone 4 looked jerky and emulated. It worked ok on an iPad 2 but the processor was faster in that device.

  5. Simon Says:

    I hope this won’t be a joke like on XE2… My (little) enterprise bought XE2 for the iOS developpement, and this part of the soft has been given up… No dev available on iOS 6… unable to make a dev on OsX Mountain Lion… No more update… And an all new solution on XE3 ???
    I was disappointed. Fortunately, XE2 for PC apps is quite good. But for iOS, i will wait and see…

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