MVP Nuggets #3

Alan Fletcher did a write-up on "Cross-platform development the FireMonkey way"

Zarko Gajic wrote several articles, including:
"Have a Delphi Function Return Multiple Results / Values"
"Intercepting Keyboard Input with Delphi - Implementing a Keyboard Hook"

Juan Antonio Castillo wrote an article on "7-zip and Delphi" - Spanish - English (Google)

Vladislav Bajenov wrote an article "Working with IMAP in Synapse" - Russian - English (Google)

Brian Long compiled a list of resources and links from the Developer Direct webinars

He also summarized a lot of "Embarcadero’s C++ stories"


6 Responses to “MVP Nuggets #3”

  1. Robert Love Says:

    Thanks for posting the English Links. Nice to read some articles on content I would have missed otherwise.

  2. Vladislav Bajenov Says:

    I’m Vladislav - not Andrey ;)
    Thanks for posting

  3. Anders Ohlsson Says:

    @Vladislav - Fixed. Sorry about that.
    @Robert - Glad you like it!

  4. Alan Fletcher Says:

    And you missed the FireMonkey Multimedia article I wrote -

  5. Anders Ohlsson Says:

    @Alan - No, I didn’t. My nugget posts run Fri-Fri, so that one is a candidate for this Fri. Also, no one should expect that I will list everything. ;)

  6. Alan fletcher Says:

    @Anders, cool. My work for next week is done! ;)

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