Submitting a C++Builder XE3 application to the Mac AppStore

Yesterday, I filled a hole in the schedule with an impromptu session on visualization of mathematical functions. At the end I also showed how to submit the application to the Mac AppStore.

At the end I ran into an error saying "Invalid Binary" and I filled in the details for my contact information that it asked me for.

However, this didn’t solve the entire problem.

You also need to turn off Dynamic RTL and Run Time Packages. Unless you code sign them manually on the Mac side.

Finally, in order to bypass an issue with the Incremental Linker for Mac, you will need to turn off the Incremental Linker.

Doing these three things in addition gave me a successful submission to the AppStore.


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  1. Dirk Says:


    i’ve also problems submitting my Delphi XE 2 app to the MacOs AppStore:

    Missing DWARF data - Your app does not include DWARF data with architecture information in Contents/MacOS/MyApp . In your Xcode build settings, ensure that the debug information is set to "DWARF with dSYM" and that the list of valid architectures does not include PPC

    It seems to be a missing element in macho binary?
    Best regards

  2. Olecramoak Says:

    Shouldn’T this be a painless task? I really enjoy FireMonkey + iOS (and OSX) compatibility, but Apple runs at 150mph. I know it’s a bit hard to keep up with them, but I feel like we are left a bit by ourselves here… So how about Xcode 4.6? How to deploy FM (and shortly FM2) with it? Specifics are needed in these cases…. Please don’t see it as bad criticism. I’m a BIG Embarcadero fan. Anders is off the chart: really awesome. My only fear is that Apple moves so fast that keeping up with it (developer wise) is not viable… Hope I’m wrong.

  3. Anders Ohlsson Says:

    Yes, it should be a painless process. Well, at least from our side. ;)

    The Incremental Linker issue is a bug that we’re aware of now.

    The other thing - turning off dynamic RTL and runtime packages is simply a good idea, because all of your dylibs and such need to be in your AppBundle anyway, so instead of code signing all the dynamic dylibs it’s much easier to build a single executable.

  4. Dirk Says:

    Hi Anders, thanks for your statement!

    "The Incremental Linker issue is a bug that we’re aware of now."
    What does it mean? I want to press on "compile" and submit it to the app store. Before investigating much more time, can you tell us what does this bug mean for us developers?

    My investigations, see QC 111296, is for XE 2 the missing LC_UUID in the MachO binary, XE 3 seems to be fine, or does the bug affect XE 3 also?

    Due to this bugs AppStore submission with Delphi is the far away of a "painless" procedure..

    I’m an application developer and don’t want to dive to dive too deep into the rabbit hole of binaries..
    Best regards

  5. Dirk Says:


    one "dive" too much and thanks for your investigations!

  6. Anders Ohlsson Says:


    This blogs is about C++Builder XE3.

    C++Builder, by default, has run-time packages and dynamic RTL turned on. The are probably many reasons for this, but the main one is that C++ puts a lot more work on the compiler, linker and anything else in the tool chain than what Delphi does, due to the fact that C++ is a much more complex language. In order to cut down on compilation and linking time these options are set to by dynamically linked by default.

    Delphi, on the other hand, creates a monolithic binary by default, because the above isn’t a concern.

    QC111296 was fixed for XE3. In Delphi XE3 it’s a very simple matter of, just like you say, hitting compile and deploying to the AppStore.

    In C++Builder XE3, I recommend that you turn off run-time packages and dynamic RTL, and due to a C++ incremental linker bug, turn the incremental linker off. This simply means that the linker being used is the non-incremental one.

    Again, this blog post has nothing to do with Delphi.

    Hope that helps.

  7. Dirk Says:

    Hi Anders,

    OK, i’m on the wrong blog, sorry for that.
    "QC111296 was fixed for XE3" - That’s an important information that nobody at Emb could tell me before, thanks! So the incremental bug only affects C++Builder.

    Best regards

  8. Anders Ohlsson Says:

    No problem. Good luck!

  9. total stranger Says:

    total stranger…

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