The Embarcadero MVP Program

You may have heard of this program under the working name of "Embarcadero Evangelist Program". The official name will be "The Embarcadero MVP Program". It’s a program tailored to recognizing our awesome advocates in our great community.

An official landing page with links to everyone’s pages etc, as well as official logos, and other materials are in the works, but I wanted to take this opportunity to preview the program if you will, just like we’re starting off the XE3 World Tour as preview events.

It brings me great pleasure to announce this program, and to give you the list of the current MVPs. Some of them have already blogged and/or tweeted. More people are in the queue for sure, and I’m hereby asking anyone that wants to, to send me name and contact information for anyone that you believe should be an MVP. An MVP is someone who is a well known advocate in the community, and does great stuff for everyone’s benefit.

Without further ado, here is the current list of MVPs ordered by country:


Glenn Stephens
Lachlan Gemmell


Filip Lagrou


Adriano Santos
Alan Glei
Caique Rodrigues
Carlos Agnes
Daniel Wildt
Guinther Pauli
Luciano Pimenta
Marcelo Nogueira
Marcelo Varela
Marcos Antonio Moreira
Marcos Gomes
Newton Michel de Oliveira
Pedro Bento
Ricardo Boaro
Rodrigo Carreiro
Samuel David
Victory Fernandes


Radek Cervinka


Jens Fudge


Didier Cabale
Felix Colibri


Daniel Magin
Daniel Wolf
Uwe Raabe


Juan Castillo


Marco Cantu


Eliseo Gonzalez
Marco Santin


Bob Swart
Danny Wind


Alister Christie


Jose Castillo


Alexander Alexeev
Alexander Bozhko
Andrey Terekhov
Vladislav Bajenov


Primoz Gabrijelcic


Germán Estévez Ruiz
Luis Alfonso Rey
Salvador Jover


Magnus Flysjö


Brian Long


Alan Fletcher
Cary Jensen
Nick Hodges
Ray Konopka
Robert Love
Olaf Monien


Luis Felipe González Torres

Thanks again to all these great folks, and everyone else for their support. As I said, please remember, this is not an exhaustive list by any means, but I think it’s a great start for the program. More names will be added over time, and assets to recognize these great folks will be forthcoming.


21 Responses to “The Embarcadero MVP Program”

  1. Fritz Says:

    For the states I would suggest to add a certain Nick Hodges who’s writing about and still doing great things for the Delphi comunity.
    For Italy I would suggest to add Marco Breveglieri who is very active in the peergroups.
    Regards, Fritz

  2. Bruce McGee Says:

    Fritz: Nick is already listed.

  3. otto Says:

    what’s your email contact so i can refer people who should be part of this team?

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    [...] ha sido anunciado por Anders Ohlsson en su bitácora The Hacker’s Corner, por supuesto aún se está trabajando con la imagen del programa y una página de lanzamiento [...]

  5. DevJet Software Says:

    ANN: All DevJet products are FREE to all Embarcadero MVPs – FOREVER…

    We love Delphi and most of us are trying to produce positive energy in Delphi community just like these guys in the Embarcadero MVP Program. We are very grateful for your effort and we have just made a decision: All DevJet products are free to all Em…

  6. Nick Hodges Says:

    Honored to be included.

    And thanks very much to DevJet for their generosity! Very cool.

  7. Lanzamiento oficial del Programa MVP de Embarcadero | Luis Felipe González Torres Says:

    [...] Anunciamos el nuevo Programa de Evangelistas de Embarcadero, ahora llamado Embarcadero MVP Program. A través de él se seleccionaron profesionales de todo el Mundo con la finalidad de dar a conocer, probar y fortalecer la relación entre los desarrollados y Embarcadero. El anuncio oficial puede ser visto aquí. [...]

  8. Jorge Says:

    I’m surprise to not see Andreano Lanusse name on this list, even he is no longer in Embarcadero, he is the Delphi reference in Brazil

  9. Vsevolod Leonov Says:

    I am very glad to see Robert Love in the list and would like to congratulate him sencerely.
    Really impressed by the series of his sessions at CodeRage 6 on RTTI.
    Rob, you’re the great!

  10. Eliseo Gonzalez Says:

    It is my honor to be part of this group and a big responsibility.

    Thank you for including me.

    DevJet thank you for your present, it is really appreciated.

    Regards from Mexico City.

  11. David S Says:

    I would like to suggest inclusion of all the long-time third-party developers still committed to writing, producing, and supporting components for Delphi, such as Bruno et al at TMS, the guys at DevEx, and many others. If it weren’t for their commitment to Delphi in the face of one marketing misstep after another by Borland/Inprise/CodeGear Management, there might not be any value to Delphi at all today.

  12. Deivison Says:

    What to do to join the MVP also auditioning in Delphi IDE?

  13. Cisas Cisas Says:

    I would like became an Embarcadero MVP. What are requirements to be an MVP ?


  14. Simon J Stuart Says:

    I’m guessing my name hasn’t been added yet because Anders is travelling for the XE3 tour… eagerly awaiting updated list ;)

  15. XE3 Pro EULA changes and MVPs | Australian Delphi User Group Members Says:

    [...] I was made an Embarcadero MVP about two weeks ago, an achievement I’m quite proud of. It was, I believe, largely for my [...]

  16. Bob Calco Says:

    I’d nominate Rodrigo Ruz of Chile ( He provides some of the meatiest Delphi code examples out there and covers a variety of relevant topics very methodically and extensively. His RAD Studio syntax highlighting theme management utility is great.

  17. Alexander Kolev Says:

    What about Zarko Gajic, with his representations about Delphi programming. He deserves to be a part of the MVP list.

  18. Anders Ohlsson Says:

    He is on the list. Check the new members in a later blog post on my blog. ;)

  19. Navid Madani Says:

    How about Chris Rolliston for authoring Delphi XE2 Foundations?

  20. EMBARCADERO MVP GOES LIVE | Victory software and beyond... Says:

    [...] of the Embarcadero MVP program. My name was listed among developers from all over the world when Anders Ohlsson blogged about it for the first [...]

  21. gopacsi Says:

    Gopac Soluciones Integrales en colaboración con Expertos de Embarcadero Technologies nos muestran en cada uno de sus eventos presenciales y en línea todas las novedades en software de tecnologías de la información. Participa en nuestros próximos eventos, entra a a la sección de Tribune para que estés enterado de las fechas y horarios de los eventos, también busca los detalles en nuestro blog o bien mándanos un correo a para darnos tus comentarios o resolver tus dudas.

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