HotFix 1 is live!

MSI Installer for HotFix 1

ISO for HotFix 1

This hotfix address a lot of things, including the arm7 issue for iOS.


5 Responses to “HotFix 1 is live!”

  1. Olecramoak Says:

    Cool! will look into it first thing tomorrow (tired from long hours of coding today). From the description, really hope to get better performance on devices :)

  2. Roger Says:

    Very nice !!

    Did they make access to mainWindow ?

    Still your notes are good if you want to recompile things.

  3. Xavier Says:

    And the nightmare continues…. now i can built for armv7, but not anymore for armv6 as the o file with FPC are not universal (one of my testing device is an iPod 2)

    I guess i will install again the older version and archive the the arm-darwin as arm-darwin-v6

    @roger: no, mainwindow is still in the implementation

  4. Roger Says:

    @Xavier that why i kept my old FPC dir :) 3 apps failed after the install. Put my old FPC back and the apps work on my iPod v1 :) old one.

  5. Roger Says:

    @Anders, Thank you for your Arm7 solution and Phil Hess else I would have left this for a while. hmm that could have been a good thing :)

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