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AppWave 3.0

It’s now here!! AppWave 3.0 - An Enterprise PC store that enables smooth delivery of Apps to your End Users.

In this new latest release, we now have more than 250 Free Apps that you can try out and experience AppWave.


Some of the key additions to the AppWave 3.0 release are AppWave Editions

  1. AppWave for ERWin 
  2. AppWave for TOAD
  3. AppWave for Altova XMLSpy and
  4. Free Edition

In the next series of blog posts, we shall explore on How-To Master an App in AppWave and Broadcast the same.

We shall be mastering a simple Delphi Native 32 bit EXE using an Installer and from scratch using only the single executable.

Stay tuned!

In the meantime, you may download AppWave here

Download AppWave Today!

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AppWave - How to Install AppWave Browser

Installed AppWave successfully from my previous blog post! Great Job!!

In this blog post, we shall take a look now on how to install the AppWave Browser

Please click on the link below to watch the Video

Install AppWave Browser

As always, if you have any questions / comments / suggestions about this blog, please feel free to leave a comment below.

See you in the next blog post where, I shall show you how to get started with AppWave!

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:: Installing AppWave :: Video

Hi All,

In this blog post, we shall learn how easy it is to install Appwave.

Please feel to download and install AppWave.

[Steps for a Seamless AppWave Install]

  1. To Download AppWave click on the link below

    Download AppWave

[AppWave Install Video]

2. Once Downloaded, follow the instructions shown in the video above

Please feel free to comment on your thoughts about the Video / blog post.

Go AppWave! - Get your Applications to the Apps! World

Posted by Anil Mahadev on November 28th, 2011 under AppWave | Comment now »

What is AppWave?

What is AppWave?

Today AppWave is an Enterprise Private PC App Store platform that broadcasts your Apps to your end-users in a seamless and yet effective way.

Key components of AppWave

AppWave Components
AppWave Components
  1. AppWave Host - The actual software that powers the applications being broadcasted, downloaded from the Embarcadero AppWave Host
  2. AppWave Streaming Service - The part that runs as a Windows Service, in order to enable the application delivery to your end user from AppWave. This is a vital component, without which, you cannot broadcast your apps
  3. AppWave Browser - This component enables the Mastering and Broadcasting process of converting your Applications into AppsNow goodbye to Applications and say Hello! Apps!

In the forthcoming post, I shall be posting a video on how easy it is to be installing AppWave

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:: Hello World! :: An introduction and Blog Outline

Hi All,

I represent Embarcadero Technologies as the Principal Software Consultant in India.

This blog is catered towards our products and solutions, both from a Developer and DBA perspective.

I will be initially be focussing on a series of blog posts about Embarcadero AppWave, The enterprise platform that delivers a true mobile like experience for your end users.

This will include, basic how-to’s and AppWave Snacks for accomplishing basic tasks within Embarcadero


I look forward towards your viewership and appreciate any comments or feedback during the course of this blog

Thanking You

Anil Mahadev

In the mean time, please feel free to surf through my colleagues blogs on

Vsevolod Leonov (

Pawel Glowacki (

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