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A case when FreeAndNil is your enemy

It seems that my previous post about FreeAndNil sparked a little controversy. Some of you jumped right on board and flat agreed with my assertion. Others took a very defensive approach. Still others, kept an “arms-length” view. Actually, the whole discussion in the comments was very enjoyable to read. There were [...]

Posted by Allen Bauer on February 16th, 2010 under CodeGear, Delphi, General, Work, ednfront | 38 Comments »

Better smart-linking through class construction

Singletons, global services, and initialization. Most Delphi folks (myself included) don’t really think about the impact of these things on how much code is being linked into their application. How many of you have your own stable of utility functions scattered throughout some number of units? You rely on these things everyday and would tend [...]

Posted by Allen Bauer on May 29th, 2009 under CodeGear, ednfront | 18 Comments »

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