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Oh bugger! Comments are being moderated…

I know a lot of you have posted comments and then sent me email directly since your comment didn’t show up… well it turns out that I’m still learning this new blog engine and comments are all moderated by default. I also noticed that the spam has already started :-(. So for now, I’ll leave the moderation on. I’ll try to moderate as often as I can. I’ll also review all the commenting options and see if there are any settings that would allow comments to go unmoderated…

UPDATE:  Ok, I think I see what is going on.  Most comments will get posted immediately.  However if your post has 2 or more links in it, it goes into the moderation queue.  So if you post with a link to your blog and a link in the body of the comment, it gets moderated.  I’ve upped this to 3 or more links (may bump this up if I see more "normal" posts getting moderated).  This makes sure those silly SEO folks who like to post comments with a huge list of links will get moderated.  Nice feature!  Oh, and if you use profanity, it goes into moderation… I felt a little strange typing in all those words you’re mother would wash your mouth out with soap if you ever said them.

Posted by Allen Bauer on September 12th, 2007 under CodeGear, General, Work |

4 Responses to “Oh bugger! Comments are being moderated…”

  1. Allen Bauer Says:

    We specifically did not go with a captcha solution due to some accessibility concerns along with its reputation as "difficult-to-use" for many people. I think we’re using akismet right now. According to the team working on this, if comment spam becomes a huge problem, we’ll revisit the captcha decision.

  2. John McLaine Says:

    OK… ok.. blog integrated into codegear that’s nice… but I am missing the oracle picture ;-)

  3. Allen Bauer Says:


    So am I. That is one of my top requests for the team working on the server. I want to be able to add my own personal theme. Once they have that done, I’ll resurrect the Athena theme.

  4. 租車 Says:

    chance it’s an available feature?

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