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Just came across this:

It’s a Delphi application that allows you to use the new Nintendo Wii Remote with Windows. This is currently making the rounds across the hardware/gadget/homebrew blogosphere. It’s great to see Delphi used for such a high-profile utility.

Posted by Allen Bauer on July 19th, 2007 under Delphi, Games, Wii |

4 Responses to “WiinRemote”

  1. Matthijs ter Woord Says:

    Have a look at this project too, sounds like a bit of the same purpose:

  2. anonymous Says:

  3. Kyle Miller Says:

    Nice to see the developer plug Delphi on his page. When projects like this come get high exposure and plugs Delphi, CodeGear should use it as an opportunity to market Delphi. Give the guy a free copy of Delphi 2007 Professional in exchange for continual plugs on his site and maybe even his software.

  4. Hugo Rodriguez Says:

    Mr Allen Bauer

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