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The Oracle at Delphi

24 hours of Delphi

Starting this evening at “oh hundred” hours (that’s 12 midnight Pacific Daylight Time), the event of the year will be starting.  That is when the “24 hours of Delphi” event kicks off.  I’ll be “on the air” at around 9:30am PDT and possibly again around 11:00am PDT.  I sure don’t envy David I, Anders Ohlsson, and John Kaster who have to stay up and ramble on in order to keep the “dead air” to a minimum.  However, based on the schedule I’ve seen, there doesn’t look to be too much of that, if at all.  Be sure to “tune in.”  I may decide to take some breaks throughout the day and “crash” their little party periodically ;-)..

Posted by Allen Bauer on July 12th, 2005 under Uncategorized |

3 Responses to “24 hours of Delphi”

  1. John Lavelle Says:

    I, for one, am looking forward to it.

    Will you be providing transcripts and "archive footage" for when we need to take comfort breaks?

  2. Dean Roberson Says:

    Enjoyed it. Good to hear some voices to connect to the names.

    In a related Delphi marketing subject - I’ve always thought that Borland should list a few *major* commercial applications developed with Delphi/C++Builder/etc. Us developers that use Borland products tend to be look on as ‘loose cannons’ in our organizations or with our hardware vendors if we mention a non-MS solution or a need to support the Borland development environments. A little ammunition here would help show that Borland is still a viable player.

    Looking forward to the ‘24 hours of C++ Builder’!

    Rock On!

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